The 12 Days of Deals

Going from Dec 14-25th in my Etsy store I'm having 1 randomly selected item 50% off for 24 hours at a time. So far we've had the red pea coat the hot pink peingnoir the avant garde navy cape, the brown and white cardigan and 80s crinoline sundress at 50% off! Still 7 days left of deals so don't get discouraged if you missed out on the first few days. Such great deals, the 50% off puts most items at around $2o or LESS! Thats a great deal for quality vintage and NO ITEM WILL BE DISCLUDED FROM THE SALE but keep in mind they're all random so even I don't know which piece will be up for sale on any given day. Check my FB Fan Page for the post or go directly to my Etsy Store and it will be in the featured listings section.

Ebay listings are all about suits this week. Sorry, no pics until tomorrow. ;) Gotta get you to come back some-how now don't I?

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