2 treasuries for ya.

Last night and this mornings treasuries have to do with lovelies. The first one from last night is one you should all look at. Its amazing pieces that have been on etsy forever without a buyer...there is no reason, these amazing pieces shouldn't have a good home by now..I love them all and If they fit they would be MINE!...but they don't which is why they're here.
Its called "Shocked they haven't sold" and there are some crazy good deals in here!
This one was brought about by browsing on etsy..how most of my treasuries get started. I knew I wanted to find something summery to go with those adorable little popsicles in the necklace. And that kind of determined the color palate. I did use a shirt from my store that matched perfectly with a butterfly print in the perfect spring green and teal.
"Happy Summer" is waiting for you.
you can view all my treasuries here. :) thanks everyone..you're awesome!!!

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