Alice again..

I try to stay away from the trends..especially movie trends but its hard when there are so many items out there. I wanted for this to be a sophisticated picnic style treasury with fancy flowers and what not but it turned in to an "Alice in Wonderland" theme and I'm not quite sure how. I started with this stunning dress
from Twila Jean of The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan House Wife and exquisitebones on etsy. She just but up a bunch of new amazing pieces. Including this maternity dress which I also made a baby themed treasury for. :) And I wanted to stay with the gingham theme but it turned into this treasury..
Alice goes Black and White..I do actually like the treasury...I'm just mad at myself for choosing such a popular theme. Oh well.. Enjoy kittens.
Don't forget to shoot me some requests and themes for treasuries and posts.

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