Boo....I suck

I can't believe I've neglected my blog this much. I have so many posts to catch up on but I've been too busy making treasuries....I've made 42 of them in fact. Each one is like a treasure hunt blog post. I love making them! I love searching for buried etsy treasure. ;) I'm going to start posting them up on here as well so you guys don't miss out. And I promise I'll have a REAL blog post for you soon.....for now I leave you with my treasury link. and the screen shot from a few of my favorite treasuries so far
a high class nautical look inspired by looking fab and i love nautical everything..hehe
pastel is my favorite i love everything about pastel colors and I love everything in this treasury...it was all inspired by that amazing fabgabs dress!
This one was wacky..one of those treasuries that starts as one thing and then progresses into another..and another until you get "tea in the rose garden" hehehe.
This one was so much fun for me, it was my wedding re-done etsy style. Some of the things I would've wanted for my wedding had I discovered etsy before. It has my actual wedding dress in it and just enough nerd to keep my hubs happy. :)

Have a look at all my treasuries..if you have a theme you'd like to see, color, era, style....you name it. I'll find it! Just comment here and I'll get to work right away!

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