I'm not personally the biggest fan of bohemian style...it is a bit too casual and can look very sloppy if not done just right...but that didn't stop me from trying my hand at it to feature one of my own pieces from my store.This bohemian style sun dress has been in my store for a very long time It started at $175 and is now after sale and markdown and sale and markdown to just $58...I am kind of in shock no one has bought this dress yet...I think its stunning! Its a soft sheer gauze over cotton with crochet banding. Its even more lovely in person...so I made this treasury for it...
Its already quite popular in the etsy treasury section (within the first 3 pages) I really love all the pieces in the collection, i think its just chic enough and soft enough to be a lovely wedding collection without looking TOO hippie.
That'll probably be my last one for now...I have to go to work soon..boo.

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