Treasury Happy...

If you're on etsy, you should know about the treasuries. They're the collections that make up the front page. Some made by etsy employees, others by sellers. Well treasury East is FINALLY open after forever and I've had the chance to make some treasuries. I seriously want to do it for the rest of forever. I love it! Pick a theme. Find various things, add, tag, share. Hooray! I've made 7 so far today...and that is probably not all of them. I've been having such a good time finding pretty things. I wish I could do this on my blog..oh wait..hehe Well here are my collections if you would like to check them out (picture is link)
Big hit so far! Everyone who has seen it, likes it.
my personal favorite, but least favorite in the etsy eye so far...
You can't beat nautical + pin up
the hardest collection for me, not a lot of selection but others seem to like it
my most commercial collection
This was the first theme I wanted to do, I'm glad I waited because I like the way this one came out much better than the one I started earlier.


Bombshell Bettie said...

My most recent treasury

Bombshell Bettie said...

and another

Bombshell Bettie said...

and treasury number 10


Slam Helliott said...

We have the same taste in sellers on etsy! I looked at your treasuries and recognized so many things! You obviously have great taste!