A Page from Marilyn Monroe

I usually feature Ms. Bettie Page for my outfit re-creations but I saw this adorable set of Marilyn and I thought "GAWD they just don't make shorts like they used to". They're short shorts...without the "trashy" feel we get from today's short shorts...you know the ones that hardly cover your naughty bits....yeah...these ones.I could never ever ever bring myself to wear a pair of "hot pants". But to me the 50s short shorts don't have the same feel. They're sexy and show a lot of skin...but they still cover your goods and leave what should be left to the imagination.
Marilyn is wearing her amazing high waisted shorts with a rolled up mock turtle neck. I opted for something more summery...it is summer now and its time to dress for it.

This is a matched set (with some sun damage) I love it! Perfect for summer
Salon Kitty
Another adorable set, this one has longer shorts but they're super tight so I think they're still very sexy even-though you're showing less skin.
This set (and all the ones following) are hand paired by myself from etsy stores.
Coral double breasted crop top & shorts
(both from) Studio1950
Striped Crop Top - DearGoldenVintage
Hot pink 80s high waisted shorts - AdrianCompanyVintage

Calico Crop top with beautiful details - roobyshoes
olive linen long shorts - MissFarfalla
Remember how I said they don't make shorts like they used to, well... Vivien of Holloway has a shorts line! (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee) and they are ADORABLE!
Blush pink blouse with tie - TheVintageVortex
Red Reproduction Shorts - VivienofHolloway
Candy Stripe crop top with scalloped hem - lollycrispvintage
long bubble gum high waisted shorts - JessJamesJake
60s off red crop top - CositasSeriasVintage
40s perfectly pin up shorts - Miss1940svintage
Blue calico 80s crop top with sweetheart bust - CapriciousTraveler
Adorable light blue shorts - Vivien of Holloway
80s Peachy Coral tie back blouse (love this one) - 13Bees
Mega cute "Jean" pin up shorts - Vivien of Holloway
Dressy Kimono tie blouse - MissFarfalla
Trouser Shorts with oversized button (handmade) - Vees
I think this one might be my favorite.
Drawstring button blouse - Studio1950
Adorable sailor pin up shorts - OwlVintage

There, see a REAL post...a real-cute post too.
Oh how I wish I had the legs for shorts...and the waist for a crop top.

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Carys said...

I totally agree about modern shorts, they don't actually look nice in the way that 50s shorts do. Glad someone else agrees with me!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue