Dress Week: Day 6

Oh So 60s..

I'll admit it, I'm not the biggest fan of 60s "MOD" fashion...ok, thats not true. I do love the style but it doesn't really work well with my body type. I (personally) think it works best for thin, not so curvy women with nice thin legs...I have none of those things...but I do love this dress. The pattern is awesome, it looks like pixels. I'm borrowing it from the shop today. I had a hard time adding it to the shop because it does fit well and the colors are fantastic..so until it sells, I may borrow it a few more times.


60s Dress: borrowed from my shop (which is currently running a sale)
60s Sweater: bought a long time ago from ebay, i think the shop is closed now.
60s Brooch: taken from my shop, you snooze you loose...it to me. haha
80s Shoes: ebay

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Pretty dress!

I know what you mean about 60s fashion. I love so many cute little shift dresses but alas they don't suit me. Curses to hips! ;)