Dress Week: Day 4

Mini Paul Bunyan...

I bought this dress as a reward to myself for after Corbin was born. I neglected to remember my bust would be bigger so i kind of have to "make it work" right now. i think it still looks ok though.I bought this little plaid shirt tight after i found out i was having a boy. I think its darling, it reminds me of his grandpa Jim. Paired with his vintage overalls he is like a mini Paul Bunyan, don't ya think?

What i'm wearing
Dress: dear golden
pin: thrifted
belt: thrifted
nylons: i dont remember
shoes: Payless

What he is wearing
plaid shirt: thrifted
overalls: vintage, thrifted
onesie: calvin klein
socks: gymboree

My pin is really special to me, I really want to get it engraved with mine and my husband's name and our 10 year anniversary is coming up, I don't really have any extra money right now so I'm running a sale and hopefully I'll be able to get it engraved :) So please stop by the sale, thanks!

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art deco dame said...

He is so cute!And enjoy the extra boobage while it lasts!