Dress Week: Day 5

B is for Betty Bettie

This has just been a crappy weather week so i went to my "comfy" dress, this kind of low-key paisley dress is one of my very favorites. Its comfortable, kind of casual and pretty flattering and I love the colors, red with a peek of pink and orange. AND...eep I finally found a "Bettie" pin...I've always wanted one and after years of searching I finally gave up on finding a "bettie" in the perfect style so I went with a "Betty" same diff..Well after finding one I really liked I did a search on etsy to see if there was anything else out there and this one popped up. It was very similar to the first one I found but it had the rope detail behind which is a nod to my nautical side and that cute little star..I had to have, it arrived today and I love it!

Dress: Raleigh Vintage
Belt: Miss Farfalla Vintage
Pin: Beth's Everlasting
Shoes: thrifted

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art deco dame said...

Cute dress and congrats on finding a Betty pin,I searched for years to find my Lucite D initial brooch!