Tuesday is Lemon-Lime

After a sour encounter with my mortgage company today I thought lemon-lime was an appropriate fruit combo to feature today. I can no believe how hard it is to find lemon printed items...I only found a couple, so I decided that the colors lemon and lime would have to do. Here are come citrus sweeties I hope you don't pucker over.
Looking for something soft and sweet? Try this lemon chiffon party dress. VintageVortex
Fluttery and fruity this lemon-lime chiffon beauty is ready to party. VintageFrocksofFancy
Classic lemon and lime Lucite cube bracelet. Retrocentric Vintage
Ready to play this sunny romper is perfectly matched with the lime bangle. TiddleyWink
Gorgeous muted lemon and lime in this beautiful rayon sun dress. Fabgabs
Perfect blend of delicious citrus style. Daisy print sun suit. SavageSpider
Ok I know I'm cheating a bit adding in some other fruits but I love this sundress too much to leave it out. PenelopePupsVintage
Lemons for your neckline. Stunning rhinestones and glittering gold. Nothing sour about this baby. TerryO's
Lemon brooch, need I say more? Glamorouswussums
Lemon and Lime this little cardi sais spring is here and you too can look adorable in citrus. PierogiPicnic
Deliciously tempting nylon peignoir in a lemon-lime mix. EyeLoveThat
Another featuring lemons, limes and oranges. This sweet little top was tooooo cute to pass up. TheVintageMode
Lemon and Lime set of 2 earrings just for the fruit lover. :) TrueColorsforYou


Anonymous said...

oh - hope it sweetens up a little! However, thath is a pretty darn good theme, even if it had a little sour side.... that first dress is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Tart Deco said...

I LOVE lemons! I just happen to have some lemon and lime colored items on my blog right now that I have for sale at a super special price until tomorrow, including a lime dress set from the 60s- http://tartdeco.blogspot.com/2010/04/blog-specials-6_11.html

Great minds must think alike!