Thursday is Avocado?

I told my husband he could pick the fruit I base my blog post on today so he thought he would be a smart-ass and choose avocado. Well I may not have been able to find any avocado prints but the color is abundant and on some pretty spectacular pieces as I learned in my searches. I may have cheated a little bit today and also looked at olive..but they're close enough right ;) I'm sure you won't mind the extra lovelies to oogle over.
Stunning details on this cocktail dress. Its hella classy. GenevieveValentine
Perfectly pretty green mossy gloves. Can you imagine all the outfits you could wear these with? No? You should continue to browse the post then. ;) RoadTripVintageShop
Just a hint of avocado on this lovely 50s day dress with embossed butterflies. I love the color combo. Iron Orchid Vintage
Love this dress, reminds me of a faery tale. BeautyBush excellent price too!
A-DARN-DORABLE striped shirtwaist. So many gorgeous colors that work together beautifully. GirlLeastLikely
Can't help it, I love pyrex nesting bowls. This one was for me..teehee. SassBoxClassics
Layers of lookers large beaded mid century cocktail necklace. RowieBVintage
Sassy avocado insides wiggle day dress with extra large buttons. I love this dress, another I'd love to have from FabGabsVintage
Here is some fruity fun for you..Grapes, Bananas, Kiwi, Pear, Pineapple..no avocado though..except the color of course. Clip on earrings. VintageStoreFront
Outside Avocado colored amazing wool circle skirt. Classic sock-hop style. I really want to find something like this in my size! ExquisiteBonesVintage
Lovely paisley day dress. This is the iconic 50s dress for me. When I think 50s, this is the type of dress that pops up in my head. Something to run around in with the kids but always looks polished and sassy. SmallEarthVintage
Carved Avocado for my bakelite lovers. A beautiful RING for you! TrueColorsforYou
Stunning silk cocktail dress with shelf bust and rhinestone buckles..so well priced!..(drool) Delilah's Burlesque
Wishful thinking for this autumn colored hat with yellow veil. ThePuddingStore
And finally a beautiful pair of 50s pointy pumps with ribbon details. RevivalHouse


Betty2Tone said...

I can't picture a print of avacados being cute...at least not whole ones. ;) I love everything you picked out, especially the shoes at the bottom

Bombshell Bettie said...

i bet if you did it kind of kitschy with whole ones and halved ones it could turn out cute...in my mind its cute...LOL

Twila Jean said...

Thanks for adding my skirt. I LOVE THAT SKIRT... but its SO tight on me, I cant wear it comfortably.

That green dress at the bottom, WOWZERS!

Betty2Tone said...

Yeah, I can see whole and halved avocados working. I think I was just picturing big weird black oval things all over a dress :)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Oh man...this post made me salivate a little! I love avocados (to eat), and I love the shade to wear. (And yep, when I see this certain shade I'm always torn between using avocado, moss, or olive to describe it.) You found some fantastic items! Thanks for including my dress.

decolass said...

Avocado is a lovely fruit and a lovely colour! Love the bakelite bangle and the pyrex. I'm a bit of a pyrex fan and have some gorgeous paler green 1930s pyrex casseroles.