Treasure Hunt Quickie

I know i have a fruit post to do tonight still so I will keep this one short. Here are the finds from my treasure hunts this week.
80s hawaiian sun dress

80s shoes - i had a request for more 80s
lovely 50s sun dress with bolero
AMAZING 40s velvet cocktail dress
has the prettiest little satin trim and amazing "marble" buttons
80s tee and Dior shorts
40s pencil sun dress


olygirl said...

Wow! You scored some great stuff! Are any of the treasures keepers for yourself? I had no luck vintage hunting this week, but I did find some cute modern stuff at the thrift store.

I'm loving the 80's dress and drooling over the 40's pencil dress. :D

Bombshell Bettie said...

No, I never keep any vintage for myself. I get what I call "sellers guilt" I feel too bad keeping any quality piece of vintage, I know someone else would love it just as much as I do or more.
They're all pretty small. The largest is the 40s pencil dress and its a S/M. The velvet dress is an XXS, its amazing though. I forgot to include pictures of the buttons, they're killer!

olygirl said...

Ill check out the pencil dress in your store. I really like the print. The velvet dress is gorgeous but if XXS, I am sure my hips wouldn't fit. :D

Woot woot for your treasures this week. I knw the thrill of finding something good. It alwasy keeps me going back!