Craving the Carved

I found a bracelet by total accident last night when I was actually looking for bakelite cherry necklaces, that I have always wanted but could never..and probably will never be able to afford. I'd even take a repro made of new plastics if I could find it. But anywhooo..

Its this amazing Cat head hinge bakelite bracelet. I dont know if I could give it up if it were mine..Its so flipping awesome! I posted it up on facebook last night and my vintage friends all went a tizzy over it.
So of course I got side tracked and looked for more carved bakelite beauties to share with you all. Here were my top picks..there are lots of them out there so I encourage you to take a look (and if anyone knows where I can get a repro/cheap cherry necklace please comment! :D)
Here is a stunning tri color carved leaf bangle from the same seller that had that amazing kitty cuff. Craftingfool2003
Another from Craftingfool2003..this is gorgeous! Roses with spots of color and leaves along the back. I'd love to have this one.
Another unique one with a u shaped navy vein running through it. I'm also learning as I go through these that the colors of bakelite all have signature names this one is "butterscotch and bluemoon" hmm...the world of bakelite collecting is not one I'm familiar with. Also from Craftingfool2003
Here is a classic bakelite bangle. I've seen this pattern several times before. I think its very lovely and I love the rich cherry red! Last one from Craftingfool2003 her shop is packed full of bakelite goodies!
Here is one for a plastic bangle in bubblegum pink. I like the simplicity of this sweet little thing. wyattedwardvintage
Celluloid this time. I am a big fan of this style..its sooo cool! beatomicbeauty
I think this is the oldest piece of bakelite in this collection. A taupey colored hinge bangle. Beautiful details on the leaves. BigYellowTaxiVintage
Green or Black carved daisy bangles. Listing says bakelite but does not say they've been tested so I would ask before purchasing. CameliaCollection
I think this one is lovely! The tropical feeling I get from this bracelet makes me giddy. I want! Baublestore lots of goodies here too!


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Gosh, I LOVE bakelite!!! I'm drooling all over the keyboard now...thanks! :)

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