A Green Wedding

I've decided we're going to break those wedding dress color superstitions this week and show you how amazing you can look in one of the "forbidden" colors! As promised here is my wedding collection in GREEN. "Married in Green, Ashamed to be Seen" In this collection?! I don't think so! Check out how stunning you can look in shades of mint, emerald, grass and a hint of soft blue. We're being green and wearing it, in this non-traditional wedding collection!
Beautiful grass green circlet with veil and (something) blue flowers and little polka dots!
Magnolia VintageSoftest sage green nylon gloves.
Stunning rhinestone necklace with emerald crystals. What bride doesn't need some bling?
This is the wedding dress, taffeta with bow waist and draped back -
So elegant and sexy, look at the low back on this baby!
Secondhand Addiction
Just a hint of green in these peep toe pumps, how sweet are these?!
Beautiful simple cocktail dress with the most amazing woven bodice -
This would be a really cute reception dress!
Wouldn't this make the perfect brides maid's dresses?

Wedding collections are so much fun! I can't wait to do another tomorrow!


Molly Phoenix said...

Thanks for including our dress from Secondhand Addiction! We love to see nontraditional suggestions for our vintage goodies!

Molly and Marion

Kathleen at Studio1950 said...

...and wouldn't a red or pink floral bouquet look amazing with some of these things? Vintage is perfect for weddings, in small doses or large. Thanks so much for including my gloves!

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

More brides these days are going for bold colors, even in their own dresses. Mine was white with red trim across the top and bottom and a bright red, beaded train. It was awesome!! Gorgeous choices!

Bombshell Bettie said...

I'm feeling like such a hypocrite because I totally had a traditional white 50's wedding dress. The first dress I was going to buy was a gold lame cocktail dress though..and it would've been stunning (and cheaper) had I gone with that. I love bold colors for weddings..and vintage..It ads an sense of history for a couple's big day. I pretty much love everything about vintage weddings...LOL

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