Purple Wedding

As you may remember a few years back Ms Dita Von Teese the queen of burlesque wore a beautiful royal purple taffeta gown when she wed Marilyn MansonThe dress (and bride) was stunning and I think that purple is an amazing color for weddings. But there is always that pesky saying that you can't wearing purple to your wedding because its a mourning color. Purple is a glamorous. It was used for royalty for a reason ;) Here are some of the amazing pieces you could wear to your purple, lilac, amethyst or lavender wedding.Stunning chiffon party gown with delicate "princess sleeves" I think this featurette is off to a good start.
OMG These are the hottest mary janes...ever! They're even my size! I told my husband I wanted them and he said "I'm sure you do"...thanks hun. Men just don't get the lust for shoes!
Tiered tulle and lace gown with sweetest little bolero jacket. I'd love to see this one coming down the aisle!
I am so in love with this adorable velvet bows and lilacs hat. It is just the sweetest!
No detail unnoticed, lovely lilac crinnie for your skirt! Hey, you never know who might be looking!
GORGEOUS knit gloves in (my favorite shade of) purple. Don't these just scream wedding to you?
Berries and lilacs...spring is upon us.
A little more raspberry than plum...but it still counts ;) Look at the gorgeous velvet detail at the waist. Wedding party!
A pair of purple babydolls..you can't go wrong! Seriously...(psst, all this shop's shoes are on sale)
Fraulein Caroline
Looking for glam, curves and all over va-va-voomness? How about this sequin and tulle mermaid cocktail dress.
How about this sweet little headband with lilac flowers on one side. It would be so precious with a crisp short veil attached to it..in my mind its SOO cute!
Lets think about the brides maids now...something simple and sassy like this lavender wiggle dress
Fab Gabs
Something a little more "precious" how about this chiffon embroidered dress..tis lovely mah dear!

Ending the week with YELLOW..ooh I'm so excited!


olygirl said...

Awwwww! Beautiful! I got married in a purple dress! This is really a gorgoues selection you put together and I would buy the purple Mary Janes if they wee my size. Perfection in a shoe.

Solanah said...

Beautiful! I love colorful vintage weddings, I think if I had not found my perfect dress I would have worn something pink or baby blue.