Red and Black Wedding

Breaking wedding stereotypes one collection at a time. Today we're taking on two "forbidden" colors in one collection. "Married in red, you'll wish yourself dead" and "Married in black, you'll wish yourself back" I think there is nothing sexier than red, and nothing classier than black so why in the world would a black and red wedding be anything other than the classiest, sexiest wedding you've ever been to? I say if you can use the color as an accent, you can use it as your main color. I know there is a stigma with red dresses because it is sooo different than the purity of the white dress...well, who cares?! Red is a gorgeous and extremely flattering color on almost every skin tone and size. Who doesn't want to feel sexy when all eyes are on them? A wedding doesn't have to be about pastel, florals, ivory lace and rose bouquets. Its your wedding, do what you want!
I am a big fan of wearing a hat over wearing a big poofy veil to a vintage wedding. Love this 40s velvet hat in raspberry with black cage veil.
Crying Calypso
Can't resist this strapless lace and tulle dress with velvet trim. Fit for a bride!
How about this atomic print dress with sequins and glitter understated and so bleeping classy!
Marines Vintage
Glam-tastic pedal bust tiered party dress in the perfect cherry red.
I'm so in love with these polka dot lucite pumps, they're more retro than vintage but I would wear these.
Looking for more of a "little black dress" than a red one? How about this adorable black lace dress with a red bow. Full skirt, 1/2 sleeves.
Wedding shoes? Red spring-o-lators! what else! Smokin'!
Femme Fatal Vintage
Something for the brides maids? How about simple chiffon dresses like this perfect example.
Rhinestone starburst pumps, these heels are the epitome of the red and black wedding. Classy, sexy and a little bit of shimmer..oooh yeeaaahh.

Looking forward to another gorgeous collection tomorrow!...maybe brown? yellow? hmmmm


Sirens Sexy said...

The hat and cherry red dress are to die for!!!

Karen @ Bobbins And Bombshells said...

I love the idea of a red wedding dress! Especially if the dress attire for the guests was black and white! And what a surprise to see my springolators featured! Thank you!