Friday is BANANAS!

PaisleyPath (adorable kitchen towel, inspiration for today's fruit)

Ending the (work) week with some fun banana items. A fruitful search this time. Bananas are very popular and the color is killer. Somewhere between pastel and sunshine a delicious sort of color. Here are some yummy finds for you friday. :)
Little gingham sundress in peal yellow! UnderCapricorn
Adorable bucket hat in peal and meat yellow. Too flipping cute! Also from UnderCapricorn
Killer plaid party dress. Love the bright banana against the black and charcoal! Thrush
Pretty for spring parties. Soft banana creme..yummy! StoryBoutique
Everyone-needs-this blouse in the perfect ripe banana color! Pair with any type of bottoms. This is one of those shirts you shouldn't live without! GreatestFriend
This little beauty would've been perfect for my "Clash of Nostalgia" post..hehe Love this! SalvageLife
Finally some bananas...I think. Earrings and brooch set. They feel kind of atomic to me. I think they're pretty awesome. I would wear them! RetroVintageMamas
Beautiful bananas and blueberry chiffon apron..So amazing. I would totally collect aprons...my husband would probably kill me if I picked up another thing to collect though...could you imagine the wall of aprons I could have in my kitchen....wow. TheLastHurrah

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