Clash of Nostalgia

Although it was a few years before my time as a kiddo I remember watching Clash of the Titans (1981) many, many times. I remember the part with Medusa the most because she was sooo scary! And the part where Andromeda is chained to the rock at the end, oh so suspenseful. With all the hype of the new movie I was feeling a tad nostalgic so I decided to see if netflix had it for me to stream..and they did! (YAY netflix). So I watched it today. I didn't remember the male lead being so attractive...or the female lead so young looking...what was she 15?

But all that goddess-ware got me inspired to do a featurette on "goddess" fashion. This movie is obviously very 70s draped in style so I tried to stay away from the 70s/80s and do more of the 40s/50s..because its just classier. ;) So here they are..goddess-worthy dresses for your viewing pleasure.Ok, this is one of the 70s dresses I just couldn't pass up. I love the nylon draping on top and the raspberry color. Frocks and Frills Vintage Check out her stuff, lots of lovely 50s party dresses
Its claimed as a 1930s but my guess is more like 1960s for this bubblebum pink chiffon dress. Where its at Vintage
Amazing draped and rushed lime chiffon dress with gorgeous beading. Vintage Seen
I love this style, single shoulder chiffon dress with bold gold sequin bodice. Jumblelaya
Love the color of this draped cocktail dress. Its beautiful for red-heads. I had a vintage draped dress in this color as well...wish I still had a picture of it. Alex Sandra's Vintage Emporium
Brocade cocktail dress with dusty rose chiffon draping over bust and panel down shoulder. Timeless Vixen Vintage
Looking for something bolder? How about this hot pink chiffon goddess dress with pale pink inserts. This dress is gorgeous! GreyGardens Vintage
Sunny yellow with lace classic 30s draped nightie. The lacy detail just makes it for me! HauteCountryVintage
Lovely gold sequin cocktail dress. Minimal draping on this one..but enough of an excuse to share this dress with you! ;) SybilStyle
And the cream of the crop (in my opinion anyway) this chiffon 50s sea blue dress with purple silk detailing. This is a true "goddess" dress. AllenCompanyInc

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Tart Deco said...

I just saw the new version of Clash and I have to say that the original is still my favorite, hands down.

Great dress choices. I love the last one best too.