Short post before work...get it..

I know I'm excited to wear my shorts and carpris again. How about you? Here are some of my fav high waisters from etsy :)

Can you beat pin up red? PegasusVintage
Pastel stripes for spring! ReviveVintage
CUTEST pink clam diggers...i want these! ExquisiteBones
NOS perfect green bermudas. I love these too! PenelopeLove
Atomic print shorts VintageOrphans
Classic Pedal Pushers...I love this style..they need to bring it back ASAP! SecondhandAddiction
Cutest embroidered shorties with flowers..how precious! ArtDecoDame
Even something for your little kiddie...Vintage like this makes me want one. PetitVintage

Ok off to work now...toodles

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Anonymous said...

Nice finds! I love the pink clam diggers, and the little kidd-o shorts. Cute!