Who's a pretty bird?

They are! I've been inspired by Vixen Vintage's amazing collection of bird brooches.
Pictured she is wearing her "Betty the Bakelite Bird" brooch she got from her husband.

I'm feeling a little dreary lately with all the wind and the rainy spring weather. Its just the time to think about some pretty little things to brighten up my day and what better way to reward yourself than with a brooch for your favorite spring sweater.

This one is my favorite, I love the bold industrial feel of it, like it would soar off your shoulder. karunadesigns
Her is a lovely enamel brooch, this bird reminds me of the sea, like a diver almost. Zaama
Can't beat a classic aluminum seagull! You know I love the nautical. thevintagemode
I know owls are over-done right now but I couldn't help but fall for this bug eye'd beauty. AquarianVintage
A pair of sparrows in red a bold addition to a neutral top, great for adding a little bit of personality to your outfits. Dieyoungstaypretty
This is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!! OMG I can't even stand it! Look at his little hat...awwwwwww!! I love it and its a bargain at just $5! Tidbitz
I've been eyeing this little birdie in the hat for quite a while. I love the playfulness of this brooch. Thinking this is my spring pick-me-up! TheCaravanCollection
Another in the same style for you! hehehe. Love the bold colors of this one. That green just pops! Mtippingatelier
And for something softer how about this baby pink bird. Pastels for sprrriiiiinnnng! MtippingAtelier


Carys said...

Awwww, cute!! I love bird accessories! That sounds a bit weird, but they are so adorable!
Love the blog!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

I love bird brooches too! I've been searching for the perfect one for a while now, but so far, no luck! I love owls too! My great grandma passed a few from her owl collection on to me and I just adore them!

art*deco*dame said...