Back in front of the camera...

Lately I've been avoiding being in front of the camera because I'm currently at the heaviest I've ever been, but sometimes when you have a larger dress like a 30 inch waist on a 23 inch mannequin waist it just doesn't look right... so today I went back in front of the camera modeling 2 of my finds from this week. Its certainly not my best work..I'm not even wearing eye makeup and I just threw on some red lipstick but hopefully people will be looking at the dresses more than the person wearing them. :)
wearing a v neck and back cotton sun dress with belt and bolero
this dress is sooo cute!
I had to pair it with my favorite veiled hat
pretty pleat
what I'm calling the "housewife dress" this cotton dress has bouquet and ribbon print and the cutest detail around the neckline!
it was a pencil fit that admittedly was too tight in the hips but those damn things have been giving me problems for years
it is a very long pencil dress (although I'm pretty short, only 5'3") it looked floor length on my even shorter mannequin.


Betty2Tone said...

Don't sell yourself short! You look great.

art*deco*dame said...

aw you look cute and those dresses are pretty!

Alex said...

You look lovely :-)

Bombshell Bettie said...

You guys ate too sweet <3

Lindsay B. said...

I've got to agree with everyone else! You are stunning. It's hard out there for a curvy girl to find vintage, but you pull it off brilliantly! Inspired!

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