Double Trouble

I found this stunning navy silk dress at BessGeorgette. I was swooning over it for days and was about |-| this close to buying it until I realized no matter how much I will myself to have a 27 waist, its not going to happen for a while so I didn't buy it...
and Then QsDayDream listed the exact same dress in white! I swear these ladies are trying to kill me! You know how I love the nautical...plus a boat motif, plus seagulls! *swoon*
Although the waist is a tad bigger on Q's the hips are smaller and my 42+ in hips aren't going to fit into a 38...I know, I've tried. So please someone buy these dresses and share the pictures with me so I know they went to a loving home...It would be my home if I was a good girl on my diet. Q does have a skirt I'm thinking of buying. I will have to lower the waist to make it bigger but I think it would be worth it for the price...we'll see. I'm supposed to be going to a vintage store's grand opening on friday and don't have much in the paypal to cover purchases for the shop (C'mon sales fairy!) 45 Items are reduced in my store for the Summer Sale. Going on through Sept 11th (my one year anniv for joining Etsy). I'm always willing to negotiate prices and find cheaper shipping options for my international shoppers!

and THANK YOU to my 151 followers! I (heart) you guys!

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Q's Daydream said...

Awww! I wish it was your size so I could see you in it :D