Almost Cookie Time!

Autumn marks "Cookie Season" in my house. I get to fill the house with amazing smells, wear my apron (!) and decorate for hours. I like to make sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies the most. They're tasty and fun! I will make the occasional lemon tea cookie or chocolate chip..but I usually leave them up to my mom since she makes the best in the whole world...for serious!
But my real favorite thing about cookie season...the cookie cutters! I LOOOOOVE cookie cutters. I have a few vintage ones from my grandmother but most of mine are the new plastic ones :/I have mostly winter ones (snowflake, tree, angel, bell, ect) and Halloween ones (pumpkin, cat, ghost and bat)
Here is my favorite one, a cowboy gingerbread man. Isn't he just the cutest?!

I like the way the metal ones sound when you plop them down that kind of light scrape. I dunno, I'm weird I guess. I try to buy new shapes every year. This year I want a scottie dog, a witch and a new angel my angel's wings always turn out more like 80s rock star hair than wings...but on my uber wish list is a nautical set with an anchor, life preserver, sea star and if I'm lucky maybe even a seagull. I did find a cute under the sea theme with seashells and a pirate set by the same seller...but I'd really like more nautical shapes...you know what I mean?Now that doesn't mean I don't want these..teeheehee..I just would really like to also have a crab and a seagull and maybe a sailboat too!


Sue said...

I inherited a big box of vintage cutters from my mother-in-law and I think I have that same funky gingerbread guy! I can't wait to start baking cookies - gingersnaps and some incredible pumpkin dip for them will be first on the list!


miss jille said...

Cookie cutters are so addictive! I found a set at Ikea last year that are forest animals like a fox and hedgehog, so cute

Bombshell Bettie said...

Sue, Oh yes. I love my gingerbread man. Last year I made him into a gingerbread hula girl with milk dud bra. I'll have to make one again this year because they're so darn cute!

oh fun Jille! I saw some forest animals on etsy but you know me, I'm all about the nautical ;)