New for the Shop

Lots of new items for the shop this week, my hubs took me on tuesday to cheer me up, I've had kind of a crappy week at work but I'm hoping thats all behind me now and I can move on. And like usual I went today (thursday) so we've got twice as much as we usually do for the shop.
Wilma Flintstone's multi-strand necklace
Really pretty clasp
aqua bead necklace
paisley circle skirt (listed)
paisley blouse (listed)
white rhinestone top with deco stitching (listed)
crazy cowl blouse (listed)
slim 60s jean cigarette style pants
plaid shorts
well worn coach purse
new kids items, ballerina tulle dress, pumpkin dress and silk-look over dress
magenta swing coat with fur collar
feather hair fascinator

Authentic german head-wear
gorgeous blue belle half hat
rosettes and soft tulle
adding some jewelry. child's necklace, early 50s
pink 80s clip ons and mother of pearl sweater clip
better shot of the tulle dress, super full chiffon skirt :D

Plenty of items coming, let me know if want me to get something in the shop asap. Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY sponsored by Fifties Fever ends Saturday at midnight
My Shop, where you can find the listed items as well as 160+ other items!

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Zohar said...

ahh that tulle dress is prefection :)