Featured Friend Feature

In case you haven't noticed yet, I've added a "FEATURED FRIEND" section to my blog. This is reserved for friends who deserve some extra attention.

Des (of Pretty Little Things Blog) has been separated from her husband for 4(ish) months living with and trying to help her step father who's health has taken a turn for the worst. While her husband moved up to Alaska, she took her mega cute kids down to California where she is waiting and trying to raise money to get her family back together.
Now that its less than 100 days until Christmas, its really crunch time. She (we all) want to get her family back together by the holiday season. (pardon me while I tear up, I'm such a softie).
She is raising funds by selling items from her Etsy store. If there was ever a better reason to buy yourself something vintage I can't think of it.
She's always got fantastic pieces in her store.
Here are some you can find RIGHT NOW!

I've bought 2 items from her and traded for another and they are my absolute favorite pieces EVER!
...including my seagull brooch, it was such a bargain at $8...for serious...you can't beat that!

Her prices are CRAZY good. Browse her shop, buy something pretty and help bring a family back together.


iron orchid vintage said...

Adore those black flats, will totally check out her store. Do we get to see that blue, sail-print dress you're wearing in full? It looks beautiful!

art*deco*dame said...

Aw shucks lady you make me blush.Thanks for the feature.xoxo