More Vintage Rescued

As I mentioned earlier, during "halloween" season I rescue as much vintage as I can from people looking to destroy or alter the vintage to fit their "costumes". Heck, I even hate it when sellers (cough-like-the-ones-on-ebay-cough) make every damn vintage piece they find into a mini just to appease their teenage demographic. I say, once you buy it, its yours...but I would never alter vintage myself.
Buuuuutttt today I got to do my favorite thing, shop for vintage...with a cause. ;)
Black boucle cape
isn't it just the cutest?!
another gunne sax dress. this one is a bit larger than the last one I picked up
and it comes with this lovely lace bolero.
another cute little bolero with lace and floral details
really really cute!
disco anyone? pink, silver and black party dress
with a ruffle hem jacket
polka dot ascot blouse with belt or neck-tie
I saw this one a few days ago and had to go back and get it. KITTY DRESS
Awww, little white kittens in bows!
This one was CRAZILY priced but luckily I was able to get a good deal on it and after a few repairs and a cleaning this beaut will be available for purchase!
amazing ruched details at the waist all around.
repair that will be done at neckline
side view. surprisingly large in the bust area and dress has a lot of stretch.

Also, just for those of you coming into summer right now I've re-added all the summer items to the shop! Happy shopping my dears!


Justin Gist Preuninger said...

I completely agree about the horror of cutting the dresses into mini's! Seriously... I've seen a number of lovely dresses cut up and then turned into something not fit to wear on various blogs/sites! It's unfortunate that more people don't realize the elegance of a dress is often in its drape and that a longer drape actually often works much better. :)

Bombshell Bettie said...

I agree, something is lost when a vintage dress is cut to mid thigh. I think the 40% skin rule is lost on this generation. Hot pants, belly shirts, tight tight tight and short short short. I don't even think its attractive. I'd rather see someone in a dress that fits in all the right places than one of those mini-trapeze dresses the girls are so fond of these days.


Mrs Cleaver said...

I agree with you both ,it's horrifying to see perfectly good vintage being destroyed ,sometimes heartrbreaking:(
You have found some lovely pieces there,the kitty dress is so cute!:)
I havn't had a chance to measure the length for the pink blouse yet,i will try & do that today:)

Kim Bombshell said...

I have resisted the urge to buy vintage fleck pants for my husband because he is so short we would need to cut 8 inches off the length. When I work at the vintage shop, I try to direct costume searching patrons to the damaged or kind of ugly pieces and spare the good vintage from being destroyed.

Bombshell Bettie said...

good call kim!