A Ride on Carousel

I live in what I call "The Smallest City in the World". Everyone knows everyone here. We don't really follow trends, I noticed we were about a year or 2 behind the main stream, if we got them at all. People around here are still sagging their pants down their knees and wearing 4x shirts..when they should be wearing a Small..yes, I'm talking about the guys. Most of the girls here wear stretch jeans that are too tight. There is more muffin top in Spokane than I care to notice, but how do you NOT? One day I actually went around and counted all the muffin tops I saw...it was in the 100s...just from the mall.
Anyway...back to what I was saying. We don't get a lot of trendy shops..never mind a good vintage shop. We have 2 or 3 second hand shops, mostly furniture..and PLENTY of antique stores..this is a retirement town after all. I KNOW there is good vintage out there (Something has to keep me in business right?) Well, I discovered a shop (everyone else knew about of course) called "Finders Keepers" they specialized in vintage and handmade jewelry and had a small vintage clothing section as well. Well the more I went there, the more I realized nothing changed, they hardly ever got new pieces and all the prices were....well, overpriced. So when all of a sudden they moved to a new location I was puzzled...the building was smaller..and when I went in there was no clothing...WHA?? Where did it all go? I was pretty excited for a bit because I thought maybe they were selling it trunk sale style...but no, another person bought it and was going to continue the business. As you can guess this had me worried...what is going to happen to the inventory, who is the seller? what will the prices be?! EEEEK!

Well after a couple of months of waiting. I got my answer...Jenny, a spunky little red-head had bought the clothes and the old location and turned it into CAROUSEL a vintage boutique filled with TONS of clothing, shoes, hats and handmade accessories.
Jenny is a vintage wearing cutie who is just as passionate about vintage as I am..the first time I went in to the new shop I talked to her for about 2 hours about..well vintage. She is a delight, she told me how she had adjusted the prices and more than doubled the inventory out of her own vintage collection. As terrible as it sounds I used to call her my "arch enemy" because I would try to get to the vintage at shops and sales before she could, she was always a step ahead of me though ;)..which is why she had 600 pieces to add to the shop! She is also doing what all successful clothing businesses do..changing inventory to fit the season. As much as I love that sun dress...when there is 3 feet of snow outside..I'm not exactly thinking of summer.
I was stoked to find out she was having and
GRAND OPENING TODAY (Friday 9/3/10) and she the shop is open from 10am-8pm!!!
Check out her Facebook Page for the address! If you live close make the journey, its worth it....And everything in the store is 30% off...well you know I can't resist a good deal so I was there 10 mins before the shop opened all antsy in my pantsy to get in there and grab some vintage gold..literally, I had a gold lame party dress in mind that I wanted to buy since the last time I went in.
Well of course I grabbed the dress, then I found another dress I wanted and another and another..well I had to put some back so I wasn't spending all of my hubs "new phone" fund. He was such a sweetheart to let me though. The pieces I got are SO worth it.
I tried not to take pictures of everything in the store, but every time I turned around there was something else fab. Here is the front desk, LOVE this rack of hats and the banner above the register!
I'm sad I didn't get a better picture of the hat behind the green hat..its AMAZING!

The "Just In Today" rack, coolest idea ever! Every day she fills the rack with new items. Since I got there so early it was just me and 2 other people in the store and one of them wanted to sell her more clothing! (I bought one of the pieces off this rack today)
Here is that fab Gold dress, lame top with chiffon skirt. I didn't end up buying it...although I still wish I had. Its crazy cheap at just $49! PLUS 30% off today...so..maybe I'll go back before work...hehehe
PARTY DRESSES!! This Emma Domb Tulle and Sequin gown will knock you off your feet!
Gorgeous suit with beading and ribbon neckline
40s taffeta party dress in grayish pink..one of those "only from the 40s" colors I love so much.
Tomato red suit! Love the stitched details around the edges.
Lilli Ann!!
If you don't love this suit, you don't love vintage...period!
40s colored sequin blouse...I love these!
Just a FEW of the beaded shells she has
Floor length 60s sequin party dress
More frilly goodness!
Oh and she also mentioned to me she is in the process of buying some 1900s-1930s stuff!

Overall-I LOVE this store. The only thing I would improve is if there were Era signs on the racks..but the shop is still new so she is probably in the process ;) Anyway. Stop by, you'll be impressed. Tons of suits, tons of lingerie, shoes, a sale rack in the front..and I thought I got a picture of the wall-o-purses but I guess I didn't. Yeah..If you're driving through Spokane WA (or you already live here) you need to stop at Carousel.
Oh, I'm sorry, did you want previews of what I bought today?

yeah....I know!

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Zohar said...

gorgeous shop - I wish I could visit :(
I love your buys - especially the gray and polka dot dresses! fabulous finds. Waiting for outfit posts with them on.