Giveaways and Every Day Me

As you may have noticed, lots of blogs and shops are having giveaways at the moment. I'm trying not to spam them all...but sometimes I just can't give up the opportunity to win something FAB.
Here are two you MUST enter:
Purple Deer's Enid Colins Purse Giveaway

FabGab's Giveaways Via Vixen Vintage Blog.

Both shops are also having sale's (their name is the link to the shop)

Purple Deer is having a pre-season sale where an entire section of the store is $15 or less!
Fabgabs has extended their 25% off through the weekend!
I FINALLY bought my Peggy Dear dress that I've been pining over FOREVER. But its all mine now...even if I almost overdrafted to get it. If I had more money I would've also bought this sweater. Its acrylic so I can wear it and I think its just darling!

Coincidentally I sponsor both of these blogs too and I'm having giveaways all next month..as you may have heard. ;) The first giveaway starts on Sept 26th so be ready!

Also I thought I would do a quick outfit post...since I'm wearing what I would on any given day, so if you see me around you can recognize me.On any given (weekend) day I'm usually wearing black eyeliner and red lipstick, I'm not yet today because I'm still drinking my coffee and I don't want to get lipstick all over my cup.
I am usually wearing a men's tee or a striped top, most of the time they're tres nerdy like my star wars shirts...I love me some star wars. A cardigan is always around. I'm not wearing one yet because my house is too hot. And a pair of jeans, I like Hydraulic jeans because they are fit in a way that I don't have to wear a belt, if you have a small waist and a big butt, I suggest the "Diva" fit, you probalby won't buy another jeans brand again. As you can see I ain't no skinny little thang and I'm short, only 5'3" I've only been recognized once before...but only after the fact..."hey, you were in my shop, I thought I knew you from somewhere"
And because its hella easy I'm invested in some hair bows, they're cute and easy to wear. I got mine from Original Cenz on Etsy. I bought 3 of them, 2 nautical and this leopard one. They're well priced and well made. I'll probalby buy more when I get some sales...but unfortunately I think fabgabs has taken over etsy vintage at the moment and I won't see any more sales until next week.


Carys said...

Your outfit is so nice, I love your bow it's so cute! You have such nice hair too!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Bombshell Bettie said...

oh hun, you're such a doll! I wish I could be vintage all the time but I just can't keep any in the house. It all goes to the shop.
haha-oh man, my hair. I just let it do what it wants.
I adore my hair bows!

Mrs Cleaver said...

You are so sweet & pretty:)Your hair looks fab & i love the bow.Congrats on getting the dress,i know how it feels to finally get something you have been pining for.
I luv the raspberry blouse in your shop but i think i might be too big in the hips for it sadly:( It's such a perfect shade of pink.
Hope your having a happy day:) xxx

Sue said...

Love your everyday look! Thanks for the hint about the jeans - since I am the same height and pretty much the same figure, I will definitely be checking that brand out! Since I have kept up my workout schedule for the 2nd week (big accomplishment) in a row, I am feeling a need for another reward! Love the pin I got from you, by the way :)


Bombshell Bettie said...

Mrs Clever: The blouse should fit just before the hips. double check the length hun. I'd love to give it a good home! The color is AMAZING!

Oh sue! I love my jeans! I get mine at Macy's. I'd love to see a pic of you with the pin. I started a "customers" photo album on my facebook page and I'd love to see more in there!

Mrs Cleaver said...

Ok ,thanks i will do that:)