Sponsors, Giveaways and Sales

Well after the most successful month I've ever had I have to think that is due, probably mostly to my sponsorship of the Vixen Vintage blog. I'm paid through October, which I'm hoping will help me get more exposure for my giveaways! October marks my 5 years as a vintage seller and I'm having a huge multi-part giveaway to celebrate.
I'll be providing small giveaway items every wednesday in October and then we'll have sponsored giveaway items that you can enter to win all week long, winner and new giveaway to be announced on sunday.
I have 2 giveaway sponsors right now and 1 more potential sponsors, but if you are a shop or blog and you would like to sponsor and/or provide a giveaway item please contact me through the email on my profile. In exchange for the item I'm offering 1 free month of ad space here, on my blog. In the largest size I offer.
If you're interested in just purchasing ad space, you can find out more details on this post. Speaking of sponsorship. I thought: "Hey, if I get that much from being on one blog..what will happen if I sponsor another?" Well I purchased a 3 month sponsorship of PURPLE DEER starting today, so stop by and check out my cute little banner and her beautiful shop and blog!

I'm practically begging now, PLEASE stop by the shop and check out the summer sale items. Its about half of my inventory and 90% of it will be removed to make way for more winter items. Some pieces will not be returning to the shop so please if you want them grab em. If you can't quite afford the piece right now or need to make payments that is totally fine! I know what its like to want a piece SOOO bad and not be able to afford it right then. I'm super flexible so let me know! (ooh and the brooches are up in the shop, lots of sales already so take a look!)

So to sum up, Sponsors? Sponsoring! Giveaway? Sale!

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