Adventures in Sewing

Well, as you may or may not know. I would love to make my own clothes..but lack certain skills...like not sucking at sewing. But as they say "practice makes perfect" or it just makes you realize you suck even worse than you thought..as is usually the case when I attempt to sew anything. But I bought a skirt at the thrifty that I assume was from a theatre or something because someone butchered the side and had safety pins on each side of the waist. I would guess it was to change in and out of it quickly. Well I attempted tonight to restore the skirt to its former glory..attempted.
my kitty "baby" had to jump up and see what all the fuss was about. I had already sewn hook and eyes on 2 other skirts before I attempted this project.
Gotta stay quenched while you're sewing!
Here is (kind of) what I started with. As you can see I already removed some of the stitching.
I had to open up the side of the waistband to get some extra waist room
everything ironed and ready to be sewn
getting started....Yes, I am hand-stitching this entire project. I do have a sewing machine...but its been out of order for a while now..It needs to be serviced..then I could've finished this in about 10 mins...instead of almost an hour
All finished. Now to start on the top..
right about this time I'm thinking "wow, this is going really smoothly"....and then once I close up the side....I pick it up to admire my handy work and...
SERIOUSLY?! Yeah...I sewed the wrong two edges together......
here is the flap it should've been sewn to...urg...where is that darn seam ripper?!
lets try this again...shall we?!
much better....well by better I mean the correct two sides are together. This is what the finished wasitband looks like. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.
Here is the finished inside. What they did, is open up the pocket seam and then sew it on either side. the pocket is back together and the waist band has gained about an inch.
Finished product from the outside....as you can see I still have much room for improvement.
Here is what you see inside the pocket....not a whole lot.
And here is the skirt all finished, the right side is still open and the left side is all closed up like it should be.
finishing touch, hook and eye fasteners.
This skirt will be up in the shop soon. Its repaired state will be reflected in the price. I figure most people would prefer a wearable piece than another project. Waist is about a 26-27


lil cowboys momma said...

Sewing is something that just takes a ton of time and patients. YOu did a good job, can wait to see you wear it!

Ginger said...

goodness, what a fun skirt.

nice to see that someone else shares my "knack" for sewing :)

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Wow, I love the colors and print! You did a great job!! I've been sewing for 13 years and I still sew the wrong parts together and silly things like that! Love your kitty baby!! :)