For some reason all the thrift stores seem to back stock their vintage until halloween. Like people only wear vintage once a year. In actuality people only DESTROY vintage once a year and its my duty as a vintage lover to buy up all the vintage I can during this time to save it from being bedazzled, cut, stained and otherwise ruined by teenagers that have no idea what mink is or why someone would want lace sleeves on their cocktail dress. I hate looking through racks of last years disasters, seeing what people have done to a gorgeous vintage dress, blouse or skirt. It really breaks my heart to see vintage in that state. This year I've vowed to change all that. I spent a hefty chunk at my favorite thrift this morning and bought up all the pre-70s vintage I could find...including something for myself!
Here are the finds, they'll soon be coming to the shop after some love.Vinyl "bow" belt M/L
Novelty print cotton skirt
close up - leaves!
Polished cotton skirt
close up - pinks, red, black, blood red
novelty leaf print with smocked waist
close up - leaves with gold swishes
bright hunter orange dress (yes, this one is 80s, but too cute to pass up, love the color for fall)
Lots of kids clothing, fur and leather vest, NOS heidi-esq coat, tartan plaid skirt, kelly green ric-rac jumper and my favorite swiss dot and corduroy dress. The woman who rang us up was prego and i think she was a little jealous she didn't spot this one first.

Wondering what I kept for myself. I know its pretty rare of me to keep anything. I'm a giver don't you know ;) But I don't think I can let go of..
this mega full petticoat.
Scalloped trim and its SOOOO full I'm super excited to add this one to my collection!
and I may or may not keep these gloves

I was searching for a pair of navy gloves on etsy to wear with my nautical dresses and then I found a pair locally...so I might just have to keep them.

Also I found a non-vintage item that will be going up in the ebay store. As you know I don't follow the trends but I can spot a designer piece now and then and I'm having trouble aging this wallet. If you could help I would be oh-so thankful!
Its Yves Saint Laurent. Its orange leather with a heart charm zipper
Its a checkbook style with a pin

PLEASE stop by the Summer Sale! Prices only good until saturday then I'm pulling most of the summer inventory to pack away or donate so if you want it, you better get it while you can!

Oh and We've got 5 sponsors for giveaway items! That's one for every week in October and that means a chance for you to win 10 items! I'll be doing a giveaway item every Wednesday and Weekly we'll be doing giveaways for the sponsored items! Its going to be fun and it starts September 26th (so the first item will be given away in Oct!) Good luck, I hope to see you all there!


Mavy said...

LoOoOVin the petticoat and glOoOOves! And thanks for rescuing all the vintage items! lol.. because I did gasp alittle when you mentioned ppl trashed them on Halloween. I didn't know that. =p

P U R P L E - D E E R said...

I hear you about Halloween...How many drunk Bettie's and Joan's will we see this year dropping there drink on there lovely vintage dress. It's a shame.

But that black vinyl bow belt you found...IS AMAZING...Great ave my dear.

Miss Emmi said...

Eeep, I never thought about halloween that way before! I wonder if we have a similar system in Australia...

Also, what waist size is that first novelty print skirt (brown with leaves)?

Atomic Mama said...

I am LOVING the skirts.

olygirl said...

"its my duty as a vintage lover to buy up all the vintage I can"

That is how I feel all year long. I love that Halloween seems to be a good time to pick up vintage stuff. They are sill holding stuff back here, I can't wait 4 the flood gates to open.

lso loving that YSL!! Perfect fall color too. <3

Bombshell Bettie said...

sorry its taking so long to get back to you Emmi. All of the adult skirts are a 22-24 waist. 22 for the brown one. If you're creative with a sewing machine you can drop the waist down so that its larger.
(i'm currently in the process of doing that with one of mine)

Nicole said...

Is the striped skirt polished cotton?

I LOVE the wallet. Vintage or not, I want it! Let me know when you decide to sell it.

Bombshell Bettie said...

yes it is. Its soooo shiny. I've never seen one with that much shine to it before.

Ok hun, let me do more research and I'll let you know about the wallet.