Barn Bazaar and Purchases

Today my Bud and I headed over to a Barn Bazaar just outside of the city.
We hopped on the freeway and had the windows down so it was mega windy. My hair was a mess!
Singing along to "Wilson-Phillips"
Down a very dusty dirt road we found it.

There were tons of vendors there and apparently we started with the back end of it and made our way around to the front. We stopped off and the first vendor and they had a few vintage pieces.
I am pretty positive this was my grandma's....like 100% positive. She sold off the majority of her estate before she moved to Oregon and I swear I see her stuff all over the place.
Here was a very cute hat, an also very expensive hat on an even more expensive head.
At another tent I found these pretty pink gloves but they had no price. VENDORS - PRICE YOUR ITEMS OR NO ONE WILL BUY THEM! I left a whole handful of jewelry because none of it was priced..and left 2 more tents because of no prices. If I don't know who to ask or how much to pay, I won't buy.
Here was a whole bunch of jewelry. She claimed all her bangles were bakelite but they didn't stink when i rubbed them. She assured me they were all tested..but for "tested" bakelite $8 is pretty cheap...don't you think?
I saw several of these cute little apples..nice thumb there ME...dur.
Saw lots of interesting displays. I really like this one. my bud might be getting me one of those things.
Eventually we made it to the "Two Women" part of the 2 women barn bazaar. They had mostly upcycled and retro things.
Here is $12 worth of bakelite bangle turned into $48 necklaces...yeah...
I've always wanted some of this fruit. It was kind of spendy at $8 a piece and it hasn't been maintained they were all grossly dusty.
I liked these upcycled stamp pendents. I wanted the Kennedy one.
Some vintage pieces. That teeny little purse was $48...YIKES
These were very clever converted bottle cap necklaces and bracelet. The bracelet was $80 i think. anyway. Way too much for my budget.
They also had some amazing home-made goodies...YUMMMMMM PIE!
I almost brought home this pretty little vase but I wanted to buy some stuff for the shop ;)
I REALLY wanted this one but it was $50...don't they know I don't spend that much on myself?!
Awww pretty little kitty.
The heaviest telephone receiver EVER!
a sniffy little deer head
Leaving the Bazaar

And now for the spoils! I admired the white hat from behind the tent wall and when I went in the woman showed me all the other hats she had available and I took the lot of them!

I also found this gorgeous cocktail dress with embroidered illusion neckline.
I also (and I almost forgot) about it, I really love this teeny little fish pin. This one is mine! teehee

Final Hours of the SUMMER SALE.
Sale items are being pulled from the shop when the sale is finished, if you'd like me to reserve them, I can. You just have to let me know!

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Zohar said...

great finds! those hats are amazing -looks like you had a great time.