Surprise Collection

I was organizing what I call the "gift cupboard" which is where I keep misc gifts I buy over the year (Yes, I am just like my mother) as well as my candles and jewelry. The more I started organizing the more I realized just how many accessories I have. I never really thought of myself as having a lot of jewelry since I don't really wear it that often but HOLY CRAPPERS.
I have mostly handmade (by my hubs) jewelry with some vintage mixed in. I prefer plastic jewelry because its kitschy and I think that is the most believable style I can pull off. I couldn't imagine myself with some super expensive diamond necklace or something...it would just be weird. I'd rather wear an oversized sail boat necklace that makes me look like a nautical gangsta'.
But since my jewelry looks so nice (until I go through it for pics again) I thought I would get a few shots.my birdie trinket box with a few chunky pieces in it. a necklace and set of 3 faceted tri tone bracelets.
my brooch collection.
my necklaces. my hubs put in the hooks for me so I could easily store my necklaces :D
they're usually organized by color but I had a few out and about so I couldn't get them all done the right way. My hubs made all the necklaces in the first 3 rows
the middle section there is vintage (multi strands) and the side is ston necklaces, handmade and a few knot necklaces
my crib full of bracelets. I had a HUGE bangle collection that I gifted to my hubs' brothers' girl friend and later I found them donated to a thrift...I was more than a little upset. some of those vintage bangles were $80 a piece!
my very first necklace from my hubs along with a wrap bracelet he made me with a hand charm he wore when we first got together 8 years ago. And in the background is the vintage ring box we used for our wedding rings.
My chain necklaces. Owl with ceramic tummy, vintage life preserver, anchor and my sailor gangsta necklace.
what a difference a year makes (in pictures) wearing the same cardigan...but I look about 10 years older from all the extra weight. Boo to me.

And by request I have included a full pic of the sailboat dress I was wearing a couple posts ago. sorry I don't have a better pic of it.
I also wanted to mention that I have nearly 170 items in the shop because I'm so backed up in inventory right now. I'm offering a 15% discount if you buy 3 or more items (several have already taken advantage of it!)
Lots of summer and autumn items for buyers across the world.

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jungleworldcitizen said...

It's very nice that you have a hubby that makes beautiful jewelry! That's quite a collection :)
Have a great Friday!


Mrs Cleaver said...

Wow what an awesome collection ,i'm a bit like that myself ,i prefer the plastic & kitcshy/cute stuff as i would feel a bit silly wearing more formal jewellery.Although i have been lusting after the perfect pearl necklace lately:)
I love the birdie box & how lucky are you to have such a clever hubby?!:)

iron orchid vintage said...

Thanks for posting a full photo of the dress. It's perfectly cheery! A girl who organizes not only her shop by color, but her jewelry? I think we could be great friends!

Bombshell Bettie said...

Oh yes my hubs likes to create things (just like someone else I know) tee hee. He is kind of a "jack of all trades" sort..

Mrs Cleaver: oh yes! I am right there with you on the pearl necklace. An essential piece everyone should have in their collection.

Iron: I organize my closet my color and my crayons too. ;)