For Teeny Tootsies

I have an obsession with itsy bitsy things lately, the teenier the more adorable. I am in need of teeny baby shoes. I love looking at them, plenty of awwws and eeeeeeeps happening when I look through etsy pages. 
 EEEEEEK these sweet little red shoes I want want want!!!
 You can't beat a plaid bootie
 Looking slick in these buckle booties!
 awwwwww sweetest little white mary janes.
 kick it old school with some slip-ons!
 Saddle shoes are a MUST for a vintage babe!
 These slipper boots are fantastic! I wish they came in my size too!
 Soft and stitched there is some major awwwing going on right now
 If I have a little lad he WILL have these anchor loafers. Seriously amazing!!
 70s sneakers are great for a play date!
and again from Sweet Shop Vintage
Cabana stripes for babes, yes please!
Ooh these little boots would be perfect for tromping around in the autumn leaves!
And these aren't vintage...but I absolutely adore these! Who doesn't want a peek at those teeny baby toes. :)

Are you awwing too? How could you resist. 
Oh and in just over a week I'll find out if I've got a little lady or a mini mister.
Oooh can't wait to find out!!


Beth Wade said...

Yay! I love them all!! Thx for including me <3 Can't wait to find out pink or blue! :)

Roxanne said...

thanks for including us! what a great little collection of tiny shoes! R&S

art deco dame said...

Ah!Cuteness overload!

Kim said...

So sweet..and such a lovely blog!! Thanks for featuring my little brown baby shoes:)

Sweet Shop Vintage said...

I am obsessed with vintage kid's shoes so I'm loving this post! Thank you so much for featuring my baby shoes!