Cardigans for All!

If you know me, have ever met me, read my blog or have ever seen an outfit post you know I LOVE cardigans. I don't leave home without one. Literally. So naturally I've already got a collection of cardigans for my babe. Still don't know if its a boy or a girl (6 more days!!) so I'm keeping both currently. Luckily a lot of cardigans are unisex. And of course etsy is packed to the brim with some extra cute baby sweater goodness. I'll share my collection and then my baby cardi wish list too. :)
 I do have some regular sweaters in here as well, but as you can see, its mostly cardigans.
 These ones are probably my favorites, yes I know that ralph lauren isn't a vintage cardi..but its so cute!!

Whats not to love about cardigans and sweaters?! They're all so gosh darn adorable!
I'm still kicking myself for letting this poodle cardigan go..what was I thinking?!

Now for the cardis on my baby wish list:
 This one has been in my favorites forever..I am in love with the purple bows and rhinestone buttons...awww
 I think these are supposed to be dogs, but they look more like llamas to me..which i love
 An apple cardigan a day keeps you adorable in the harvest season..so surprised this one is still available!
 These two are also from the same shop as the previous two, love the "rope' detail on these.
All from mumumade
 adorable blue heart cardigan, love these muted colors.
 LOVE this sweet little blue cardi, with a farm house and a hobo chick on the pockets. Seriously adorable!
 I had a very similar cardigan to this a few years ago. I wore it all the time. Would love to have a mini for a possible mini me!
 How could you not love this bright pink cardi with floral details, great for spring and summer!
 If you didn't saw awww to these kittens playing then i think you may have died...and you might want to get that checked. This novelty cardi is way too cute and I want it want it want it!
 SQUEEEEEE i love everything about this double rabbit cardi Gak! Must have!
 Um...are those owls...knit owls...with button eyes? OMG can i get this in my size too?!
 NOS mustard cardigan for boys or girls....yes please!!!
 Did you just die over that collar? I'm still trying to get over it...wont happen. LOVE!
 Puppy sweater!!!!!!! I think its extreme adorableness is obvious
 Matching cardigan with heart buttons and adorable booties. Yes! Must have this too!
I am a big sucker for novelty prints on cardigans and although i dont eat mushrooms, i would sure have my baby wear them!

Well there is my sweater wish list, it grows just about every day. I can't resist teeny sweaters. I pick them up every time I see them so not very many make it to the shop. I do have quite a few kid's jackets coming though so be on the look out for that!
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AshTreeCottage said...

Adorable cardigans ~ I love them all!!

Susan and Bentley

Bunny Moreno said...

Its official -you love cardigans! They are super cute esp the llama one lol xox

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a great collection started! and what lovely little picks! Congrats on the baby!!! :)
- Kari at LaDiDottie

Tasha said...

Sooooo many great ones! Many of which I'd love as an adult, too. Hee. The llama/dogs are awesome!

Kim said...

OH my such a lovely sweater collection! I want them all!!....and I totally know what you mean about letting go of cute items in the shop..sigh...I just don't want to find myself on hoarders one day..haha:)

art deco dame said...

You're killing me with cuteness!I can't wait to find out what you're having!I keep seeing cute vintage kid stuff but don't want to buy anything till I know.Eeee!

londonvintage said...

some lovely cardigans here. you're going to have a very stylish little baby. thanks for featuring our mustard coloured patterned cardi, too!