Space Age and Sale

I'm working on a "space age" inspired update for the shop this week. Since I've been buying so much inventory I can start releasing it in collections again. 
Here is what i've got so far...

I know there's not much right now but that's just the "color" pieces I'll be adding, next come the metallics...after all you can have Space without a shiny ship and twinkling stars. And I've got plenty of sparkle to add!

Oh and I'm also having a weekend sale. I keep adding and adding to the shop and I just don't have the room to keep this much inventory. I ran out of hangers 3 shopping trips ago so I'd like to see as much go as possible. I'm extending my usual weekend sale an extra day, Thursday to try to catch some extra sales. So please have a look around the shop. Thanks darlings! 

Oh and hows about I share my recent baby purchases with you..because I know you're going to be a doll and look through my shop.. :)

 This OMG adorable 60s argyle mini dress (toddler size)
 and these sweeter than spun sugar knit moccasins with a nautical motif. 
I'm still not sure if I'm having a girl or boy..but either way I couldn't pass up these adorable finds from  
Can you blame me?
Ok lovelies, time for this mama to be to hit the hay!


Bunny Moreno said...

Love your shop! Have a few items on myy faves list heheeh Just wanted to share with you a blogger award I made for you at

Congrats on this and the baby-I have three so I know all the well that amazing joy you must be feeling!!

Take care-Bunny xox

Apothecary Inn said...

I know how you feel about inventory and running out of storage space! There is just SO much vintage in need of rescuing right now!! Keep up the crusade! ;P

LOVE your recent finds! :)