Thursday Thrift

Again I have been out rescuing vintage from those who would make it into costumes. Just 26 days left to save vintage people so I hope you have joined the cause!

There are plenty of beautiful pieces coming, some 50s, 60s and 70s pieces and a few larger sized items too! Hooray!
 Def my favorite find of the day...maybe of the year. Is this 50s gingham and lace sun dress
 Its got a gorgeous wrap cummerbund waist, petal bust and a nice full skirt. It needs some repairs and a cleaning so it may be a while before its in the shop. I may even hold it until spring. Depending on the interest.
 50s/60s chiffon rainbow party dress with the sweetest ruffle sleeves!
 gaaaah its so cute!!
 hawaiian bright skirt, is much more full than the picture.
 60s plus size purple paisley dress
 beautiful neckline!
gold and silver checkerboard sequin shell blouse.
 such a pretty neckline. love the MOD feel!
 I'm hoping the weather gives me some sun so I can add this gorgeous shimmering dress to the space age update
 man does it glitter!
 lovely eyelet embroidered maxi wedding dress
 the perfect bohemian dress for an autumn wedding
 Sheer organza indian wedding tunic.
 embroidered flowers..this piece is so stunning!
 cheap 70s ethnic mini dress
 BOLD bright 70s key hole neck dress
 70s with an art nouveau print, i love this!
 Just look at that...stunning isn't it!
 Lovely peachy keen sheer dress
 with flocked daisies and clear buttons down the front

Thats it for the shop...now stuff for the babe!
 mini minnetonka moccasins! (also i'd love to hear if any of you have a way to clean these)
 And some way too cute to pass up mary janes with gingham bows on the back..awwwww
My hubs has also been hard at work cleaning and polishing a pair of brass candle sticks I bough last year..they will probably be up around holiday time.


Aleksandra said...

I am in love with that 1st dress!

olygirl said...

Yes I love that gingham dress too. Funny I saw one on eyecandy wednesday on ebay and ever since have really been looking for one. Would love to know the details/measurements and price. :)

amy1self at yahoo.com

Bombshell Bettie said...

I'll warn you ladies now. It is very small. I think 32-34 bust and probably 22-24 waist. I haven't measured it yet and I'm going to see if there is any extra material where we can maybe gain some inches.

Twila Jean said...

BLUEEEE DRESSSSS OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! why am i pregnant??!?!! whyyyyyy

Lori said...

I love the first dress! If the waist is a 24 then it is just my size. What condition is it in? And how much are you selling it for?


art deco dame said...

Im DYING over the gingham!

Bombshell Bettie said...

Bust is 32,waist is 24. The condition of the dress is excellent. I just need to sew the bones back into the bodice. There are no holes or stains on the gingham or lace.

Lori said...

I'm definitly interested! Let me know when you are ready to list it.