I give you the universe (update)

Alright, all my spacey pieces are up in the shop for your purchasing pleasure...
And they're all 25% off until Sunday at midnight!
Space Cadet - necklace and bracelet set
 MOD Meatballs - space age tunic
 Intergalactic - quilted geometric mod dress
 Cosmic Sparkle - sheath cocktail dress
 Midnight Maxi - deep blue cocktail dress
 Dew Drop - sarah coventry adjustable ring
 Gold Dust - metallic faux wrap dress
 The Little Things - 80s sheath mini dress
 Asteroids and Comets - metallic multi strand necklace
 Cosmic Dust - metallic gold tennis shoes
 Full Moon - 60s dangle earrings
 Mercury Rising - silver multi strand necklace
Shooting Stars - sequin shell blouse

Thats it for the space inspired update. I hope you're enjoying all the new pieces. Plenty more where that came from!

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Puff's Mommy said...

I wish I had read this post yesterday! The necklace and bracelet set are fabulous!