Thursday Thrift

Just a little bit this week, I've still got plenty left to list. I'm actually having a hard time keeping everything straight. I have a holiday collection coming in november and plenty of party dresses to add as well...but anyway, lets focus on what i found this week, shall we?
 sheer gauze 70s,maxi dress (stains will be removed)
 purdy lace details and fringe string belt & ties
 gorgeous embroidered pencil skirt
 so beautiful!!!
 horse duffel
 60s beaded necklaces (both for the holiday collection)
 50s chapeau with floral details
 60s pumps with cute toe details
 cheap 70s wedges with wood heel
 adorable "sleepy" sweat suit
red velvet holiday jumper

now for what I bought for my baby today...i know, i'm terrible..
 coffee & cupcake themed onesie, knit hat, fisherman's sweater, booties, knit bonnet & pink sweatshirt...
almost like the one I sent to sweet little Saffron, the daughter of Lisa who runs Vintage Shoe Love (whos shop is also stocked with super cute baby things!!!)
Isn't she a cutie patootie?!
not sure if i will be keeping these or not, yes if boy, no if girl..so you MAY see these in the shop soon..or not. We'll find out in less than a week. Oh Boy...or Girl.


D E E R said...

Horse Duffel!!!

Amber said...

That pencil skirt! It IS beautiful. I wait with baited breath.

art deco dame said...

lovin' the 60's shoes!