Easy Wreath DIY

My friend and I bought some Halloween wreaths last year when they were 75% off, not like they were expensive in the first place. It was just $4, full price for the little black wreath and $2 a piece for the little sets of ornaments. But I thought I would attempt to make my own ornament covered wreath this year. It was even easier than I expected it to be. You really don't have to be skilled in anything to make your own wreath. You can use the same style for a christmas wreath as well!

What you'll need. 
Flexible/sturdy wire. we went for 20 gauge, jewelry quality but thats just what we had lying around. You could probably use 22 or 24.
Wire working pliers 
1 pre-made wreath of any size
2 packages of ornaments or other decorations that can be attached with wire

I'm going to apologize for the crappy pics. I tend to craft at night so I didn't have natural light to make it look nice.
 18 in Wreath
 Ornaments (I bought more than I needed)
 Wire & pliers, I would suggest 3.5-4 in strips of wire
 after a little bit of experimenting I discovered the easiest way to get them on was to pre-string them with the wire and then wrap the wire around the metal band of the wreath in back and give it a good twist. It can be as loose or as tight as you want. If its loose the ornaments will be a little more visible. Don't worry about them being a bit "floppy" because you can hold them in place with the "branches" of the wreath.
 Then you just repeat the process all the way around. You can also try grouping your ornaments together 2 or 3 to 1 longer piece of wire and hang them in cluster.
Here is my finished product. I had that little bat hanging around so I just added him to the top and ta-da. A cute and easy wreath that's much less expensive and more fun than buying one pre-made in the stores.


Coedith said...

I bought the same wreath-at 75% off and was about to post what we did with ours! We made little felties. I like yours a lot too, I wish I'd bought more.

Bombshell Bettie said...

Oh my goodness thats so funny! can't wait to see it!