Adventures in Crafting

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm kind of a craft nerd. I like scrap booking and making hair barrettes and all sorts of nerdy craft things. I've been working on turning these adorable wood pin up girls into brooches. I ordered these from Etsy (AU).Here is what they looked like when I got them. I still had to seal them and I used MOD Podge, which was the sealer the seller recommended. I had to wait until I got them to order the pin backs because I wasn't sure how big they would be. Most of them are around 2.5 inches so its a good thing I didn't order the XL 1.5 in pin backs.I got these 20mm "antique" ones instead. I think the color will go well with them. :DHere they are, all sealed and waiting for the backs.
1940s-1950s fashion figures
1960s figures
Pin-Up girl's
Here is what the backs look like, they're made of wood.
A picture of all of them.
All of them, straight on.
I am keeping some for myself, I'm keeping these three. BUT I did order another set of the fashion ones (no more pin ups) so they will be available for purchase with the next set.
I used the luster finish, I thought it would be better than a matte finish. I didn't want to dull the color.
Well my glue gun "pinky" is all ready and waiting for those pin backs to show up....still waiting.. I hope they come in the mail today!

Past craft projects include hair flower clips.
Here I am with my pretty birdy trinket box. It broke on the stairs right before I got in my front door and my husband fixed it for me! :D
My over the top orange hair flower...this thing is HUGE
Pretty blue daisy
Pink um..crap I forget the name of this flower..oh well, I had such a hard time getting this one right...I had to rig a huge hair clip to one of the petalsIt works just fine, but would look best on someone with curly hair so it would be easier to balance out the size of the flower with the volume of the hair.

Oh, p.s. the mail just came and no pin-backs :'( wahhhhhh


cosmic visions said...

great brooch idea, those are great. Also... i love glue guns! ! !

Darlene said...

Ooo, I love the brooch idea. How much will you charge for one, Miss?

Bombshell Bettie said...

Depending on the brooch anywhere from 5-15ish I'm trying to keep them reasonable.

Cherry said...

i sooo want one of those brooch's!!!

Bombshell Bettie said...

They'll be up in the shop as soon as i get those darn pin-backs! >.< hehehe