New Side of BBV?

I've started looking more at vintage children's clothing because I'm going to be an auntie soon and I'd love to get her some super cute vintage dresses (if her mother and I weren't at odds...she wanted a boy so now she wants to dress and treat her girl like a boy...I say be happy with what you've got, lots of other people would kill to have a baby girl. I'm not saying, its a girl so it has to wear pink and ruffles all the time...but...gah..long story) anyway I found some mega cute dresses on etsy.
Isn't this precious!? I love the lace trim and the soft pink with that little red bow, just perfect
I really wish it was going to be the right season when she would fit this..maybe it will be..spring? Oh I want to get this for her soo bad. You know I can't resist anything nautical..and nautical babies! Way too cute.
Perfect quilted suspender skirt for christmas! awww.
Polka dots and stripes with a little playhouse!

Well I finally broke down and bought her a dress for next spring.
I think its perfect! teehee! and it was such a bargain! $6 with shipping!

So I started snooping around the local shops for some children's vintage...and as it turns out it is sooo much easier to find than adult vintage. Probably because styles haven't really changed in the past 60 years for kids clothing. I picked up a cart-load for a bargian and I'm going to put it up in the shop asap. The kids section may be the newest part of BBV.

rainbow seersucker sun dress - handmade
sweetest polkadot holiday dress
awww teeny rosebud dress with dual straps. Better get this one up before summer is gone.
I love love love this one. Cotton dress with red/white/blue trim and nylon. Also teeny pearls at the bodice.

Look at the sweep on this! so perfect for a puff sleeve onesie!
A shame the color didn't come out on these..hopefully tomorrow they will look better. celery sleep set for toddler.
embroidered flowers on the top.
The perfect dress. Simple and simply irresistible!
This one was too cute to pass up..eventhough summer is close to over. Smocked sundress with embroidery on skirt.
embroidered..monkeys? bears? on the skirt and baby booties at the bottom with "baby" embroidered on the right one.

I already have 3 pieces in the shop

and quite frankly all kids should wear vintage...if you don't believe me take a gander at this photo
this is the daughter of ArtDecoDame and Pretty Little Things blog. Is she not the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your life?! I just snagged this photo from FB. I had to share it!

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