I slack :/

I know I suck lately at posting...really bad actually. I've gotten a twitter account, had a mini battle with another similarly named store via facebook and hit the motherload this week for inventory and I'm considering a .com site. So lets start with the Twitter account....

I'm still learning how to use the darn thing, I don't know how pictures work or really much more than how to post, follow and reply to things. Hints would be a treat..I'm feeling really overwhelmed by having to learn a whole new networking site. But if you've got a twitter account please follow me, I have some things that are twitter exclusive!

The mini battle was between myself and "Bombshell Bettys Vintage" a vintage site that posted up on their wall that I was imitating HER...uh no. Until then I had never even heard of her store and it sent me into a tizzy. I have been selling vintage for 5 years (this year...don't worry I will make an event of it) and I've tried HARD to make a name for myself in the vintage community...I highly doubt that I would copy some random shop on ebay that just happened to have a similar name to my own. Anyway...that just hit my pissy button.

Inventory!!! OMG I found the best pieces (for a steal) at my favorite place to shop for abandoned vintage. I found 1 50's shirtwaist (that I really want to keep for myself...but..you know me) 3 60s cocktail dresses, one minty brocade, one suit set with matching duster and a LBD with rhinestone detail. As well as 3 60's MOD dresses: one early MOD brown cocktail dress, one mini school girl dress in magenta and a pumpkin colored mini with adorable neckline. I saw a few more at the store and if they're still there on my next treasure hunt day I'll snag them. Most of the new items are up in my shop so have a look if you haven't already.

I was going to order some business cards to send with my items when I ship them out so that my buyers get the same experience that others get when they buy from etsy. I recently received an amazing skirt from BomshellShocked on Ebay and the package came all wrapped up with a big red riboon and a business card that had all her info on it.not to mention an adorable picture of her! And I started in making a set of my own and realized I had to put about 10 links on it...well I thought about how much easier it would be if I had just 1 address, a .com to give that then they could go and shop or read my blog or befriend me on facebook from there. So I'm searching through for the best price and hosting. I'm thinking godaddy.com but I've heard you don't actually own your domain so if you wanted to use another service..well you can't...hmm. Not sure if it would be worth it...or if I should just have the card with 10 addresses on it.

I also wanted to post about this adorable handbag. My first custom project from etsy and it did not disappoint. I saw this amazing blue sailboat bag on pete & paul's facebook page
after I used one of their pillows in a treasury and they linked to it on their page. I HAD to have this bag but it had already sold in their store. So I contacted them and asked if they had any more and if I could order one. Well...just my luck they were out of the fabric and couldn't make another one...so I got one of those AH-HA moments and asked how much material they needed because I had a sail boat shirt that I bought on my trip to seattle. She said...sure, no problem.
So I sent her the shirt and she had it made in just a few days, I picked the colors of the fish and WHA-LA
I am so totally in love with this bag. Magenta and Buttery-Gold fish with the amazing vintage sail boat print...LOVE! I am so impressed. I suggest you stop by their shop. The woman I worked with was super sweet and easy to work with. I'm thinking of asking her to make me a clutch out of the leftovers..Oh and its lined in super cute fabric too!The magenta matches my dooney perfectly (I have the first pink one, its magenta leather). I'm so pleased with it! Its the perfect tote for me. They're currently on vacation but I suggest you stop by their shop when they return and check out the super cute stuff they have.


Betty2Tone said...

Sorry about the store drama. Sometimes it's best to ignore people like that, especially when you try to be rational from the beginning and it still doesn't work :\

For The Love of Betty said...

i recommend go daddy highly! i have been with them for 4 years and they are always so helpful!
You can saved your domain though them and get hosted somewhere else i believe if that's what you mean?
They even have awesome music when your on hold if you need to call in ;-)

Tart Deco™ said...

I just found out that a store in London changed their name to Tart Deco and when I emailed them to make them aware that I have been Tart Deco since 2007 they never even got back to me. I am still trying to decide if I want to push the issue or not.

I would suggest trying to establish a date in which they might have started and go from there


Bombshell Bettie said...

yes my husband was going to see if they have a date on their site...but we couldn't find anything....