Pretty Little Things for Me

As you know I had a sale last week where 70 items in my shop were 50% off. But the most important thing in my shop didn't get selected. I punched all the numbers into a random number generator and the one I was really hoping would get selected because my friend Des of ArtDecoDame and Pretty Little Things Blog really wanted it. She has been talking about it for a while. She is raising money to move her family up to Alaska to be with her husband. She has enough for airfare right now but is still working on the funds to move up the possessions so stop by her store and have a look around, help her get to Alaska :)
Well after the sale I asked her if she was willing to do a trade with me because I have been eying in her store, an amazing charm necklace.
Luckily she was up for the trade, the dress for the necklace..WHOOHOOO! She also sent me some wonderful ads! It really got me! I love vintage ads and these 3 are ones I don't have these. :D I'm so super excited.She is just a doll! Her things are always packaged so nicely and her items are gorgeous. This is the second thing I've gotten from her store. The first was this amazing seagull brooch
One of my very favorites..I wear it ALL THE TIME. Its wonderful!

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