Room Re-Do

My inventory room has been driving me crazy! Clothes on every surface, packing and shipping materials, this and that. Hangers everywhere....and I was getting really annoyed by the sewing desk is in the corner of my pictures...
GAHHHH! So enough was enough, I was going to clean and re-arrange my room...here is what I started with..Yes, I am quite ashamed that I let it get this bad... In the corner are shipping supplies, garbage in the VS bag, things to donate under the desk...oh what a mess...
Here is the view from the closet...this is seriously the worst I've ever let it get....I'm usually much cleaner and more organized.
I pulled everything out into the hallway and started re-arranging the furniture, I had the desks both on one wall and had the tall cupboard on the wall where the desks were..I ended up moving the far wall, back to where it was..and here is what it looks like now...I've got crinnies and hoop skirts all over the place..i wish they were easier to store.
This is the angle from the closet...This far wall is still kind of a mess because of all the boxes and now the luggage.
here is my new spot to take pictures hooray!
better view of the mess...ha..still have some work to do...but overall much improved...

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