Not Much to Report

Well I am sad to say I don't have anything exciting to report today. I reduced 25 of the items in my store. Today I got to wear my sailboat necklace from Land Pirahna Vintage (with my jumblelaya dress of course) and found a few things for the shop on the treasure hunt. I did make some cute treasuries today though if you'd like to check them out.
I am selling the seashell dress on ebay right now. I'm thinking of pulling it and sending it to vixen vintage for some pics. I just can't get it to look right on the mannequin. I'm also thinking of sending her a couple other dresses if she'll let me ;)
I always love with friends buy things from me. I recently sold this amazing Jantzen bikini to Twila Jean (of Mysterious life of the Metropolitan Housewife and exquisitebones) and it looks amazing on her. I caught some candid shots of her on facebook wearing it. Its perfect for her!
Oh and I'm bidding on another Jumblelaya dress (seen below)...someone has already outbid me so I'm thinking its not going to go well but she said that she has a dress she will list on Tuesday that is right up my alley so I'm pretty stoked for that.
Well I guess I had more to report than I thought.

Oh also ArtDecoDame on Etsy is donating 20% from her sales this week to this wonderful 26 year old woman with breast cancer...yeah. It really hits home for me since I'm turning 25 in a couple months. You should read her blog "I am NOT my breast cancer". You never know what life with throw at you! Please take time and check out her shop and purchase something, you're not just helping Des reunite her family but you're helping a young woman with cancer pay her medical bills.
Sorry this picture of me is terrible but it cracks me up too...i think its a very "Bettie Page" lookobviously we take ourselves VERY seriously!

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Sirens Sexy said...

I like the red sweater on you :) I have one similiar, and I just want to wear it everywhere.