The Etsy Seller's Best Friend

Doing treasuries has made me much more aware of the state of my pictures, I had no idea I was cropping them too small for etsy thumbnails as well as over exposure from my old white background. What works for ebay, doesn't work for etsy. So now I'm using a baby blue background, which is perfect for almost everything and I've discovered the etsy seller's best friend...the hanger on the wall.
If you sell vintage you know that 1 mannequin is usually not enough, a lot of the high-end sellers have 2 or 3 or more dress forms and mannequins to choose from because (and especially with vintage) things are all over the place size-wise. I have 1 dress form and one 1/2 mannequin and myself and that is still not enough, but I can't afford to go drop $100-$200 for another dress form...so I use the hanger trick. Its easy....so easy in fact I can't believe it took me this long to use it!
It works for baby clothes
That ONE dress that just won't fit on the mannequin (both mine have very wide shoulders so I have this problem..A LOT
Bathing suits can be tricky if you don't have a mannequin with legs. I had to buy one!
Sometimes you don't even need a wall...just hang it from your mannequin
I find a lot of vintage dresses have really small busts..and its very difficult to get a small bust to look right on a mannequin that is too big.
..look at the colors in that..wowie!
Rompers are another good example. You could probably fit it on the mannequin..but then you get that line right where the bum ends and it drops off..hate that
AdelaideHomesewn (who recently did a feature on one of my dresses, check it, she called me "the cutest" I could die happy right now!)
For some items it may just look better on the wall. I know that this shop has a lot of mannequins/dress forms to choose from but this light, dainty pair of tap pants look at home against the cool gray wall
Some sellers show you both, here its modeled and up on the wall
I've seen the collection of mannequins and dress forms this seller has and its amazing! but sometimes you can't beat the hanger...plus they have that super cute bug hanger...nice! I should get an anchor! :D

Also great for more "artsy" pictures
I adore this seafoam sweater with pearl details
Kids clothes! Adorable set of kid's jammies!
Classic example of things that you just can't get good shots of together, jackets and dresses..without arms and such...it just doesn't have the same feel.
See it in action in the shop...taking full advantage with the gloves (more to come) and hankie (I'll be adding to the shop this weekend)
See you soon!

Also if you happen to have an extra mannequin or dress form hanging out that you're not using.. I'd be happy to take it off your hands ;)

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