The day has finally come, its time for the October giveaways! I know what you're thinking. "Hey, its not October yet!" I know, but there were so many sponsors that I have to start a week early!

This giveaway is brought to you by

An adorable Aussie blog that that follows the life of a vintage farm girl. Super cute outfit posts, quilt making and BABY SHEEPSIES! SO cute! You'll love reading about her life. I know I do. :)
Giveaway #1 is a pair of adorable vintage-inspired spectator oxfords. They're marked size US 10 but fit more like a 9-9.5
How perfect are these for fall?!

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Check out her blog and tell me about your favorite outfit!
Mine has got to be the one pictured! I adore that color on her...but she did find a cute pink cummerbund waist dress that I'm digging as well.
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This giveaway will run for 7 days, winner will be announced NEXT SUNDAY.
Another (24 hr only) giveaway is coming later in the week from me to you.


Mrs Cleaver said...

Whoohoo!:) I love Rachel's blog,it's one of my favourites & she is such a lovely gal!The shoes are actually my size too,hooray:D

Mrs Cleaver said...

Oh oopsie forgot about the fav outfit.
I love the green checkered one she bought just recently(when she bought the pink cummerbun one)It looks perfect on her:)

Jenny S said...

Hmmm, I may have to say the green one as well. But the one you have pictured is really cute too. Don't enter me though, the shoes would not fit!! I wear an 11...ugh!

iron orchid vintage said...

Yay! The shoes are my size! The dress I loved most was black with tan and red lapels. Looked quite nice on, too!

skincaremissy said...

Shoes, dear shoes.......I need you in my life!! You are the perfect size!!! I choose the green checkered dress of course. Can't you just see yourself doing dishes in that cute little number along with thigh high stocking and 6 inch red heels? Hubby wouldn't be in the fields for long that day ;)!

lil cowboys momma said...

Id have to say its a tie between the red skirt and the blue and white checkered skirt, cant make up my mind. these shoes are adorable and would love them desperatley!

The Road to Vintage said...

Hello There!
I'd love to enter the giveaway for these beauties.

First of all..I love the music on the Fifties Fever blog. :-)

I love the ebay victory sweater!
I never thought of seeking out someone to knit something for me, but that's so smart!



voguevintage said...
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voguevintage said...

Favorite is the black and white check dress!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the intro to this blog, I am loving it! :) My favorite outfit is on the posting 'Meet me at Mikes Quilt'. It is a 1940s Etsy find, brown with a black design on it, sooo cute! :) Shared the contest on Facebook :)

Georgia Kent said...

My favorite outfit is the Red and white.... I am always obsessed with red and I love this style of skirt. I also admire her ability to garden... as I unintentionally tend to kill my plants..yikes!

Miskabelle/Miskabelly said...

I ADORE these shoes so so much...
I love her Gangster's Ball look--the black is so vintage chic! And I could stay on the blog listening to this music all day! :)

Retweeting giveaway!
Miskabelle Vintage

De La Belle said...

These shoes are so cute (and actually fit my big feet) that they have finally pushed me to sign up so I can leave comments!

I might be swayed by the fact that the second picture of Rachel holding the sweetest little lamb is an absolutely stunning picture but I think the outfit with the fifties red skirt and white blouse is darling!

Apothecary Inn said...

Okay, as a fellow vintage-loving farmer, I HAVE to ask: how in the world does she keep her shoes so clean?!?!?! *laughing*

Love the white shirt with the red skirt - very flamenco dancer type!

Tamina listening said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE those shoes!

And I love her victory sweater look here: http://www.fifties-fever.net/2010/09/ebay-victory.html

eewingo (at) gmail (dot) com

bella said...


love love love! in the july 4th entry, that dress is just divine! i love red, and this look just really pops! it reminds me of the summer, and it's something relatively easy to throw on and instant glam!

Bombshell Bettie said...

This comment is for Dawn :)

Joanna said...

I really liked your blog.
And i really want those shoes, but they are way too big for my feet. Couldnt they come in a 7 and a half? lol.

zeldafitz79 said...

I like the outfit post on her blog with the red skirt, crinoline, white socks, and black shoes. Inspiration! I also like the fact that these shoes are in my size. Come onnnn....drawing! :)

Kathya said...

I love!!!!!!! I need to have those shoes :) Give it to me! :)

Ruby Rach said...

My gosh, so many comments!

I can't wait for these shoes to go to their new home - it seems there are so many worthy recipients out there!

Oh, and Apothecary Inn - these shoes are brand new (too small for me!) but my other shoes are filthy! Every time I step outside I either sink in the mud, or step in sheep/cow poop!

janiece said...

Amazing - those gorgeous shoes would fit me!

Love the blog, love the sheep, love the custom-made victory sweater outfit.

Betty2Tone said...

I love the blue and white checkered skirt she had!

Ashley said...

Ooh... there's a blue gingham skirt from the other day that I love (with a white blouse), and the 50's prom dress is something I'd wear as a wedding dress if I found one in my size. But mostly it's the skirt that I love and can see myself spinning round and round in. :D

Definatley going to share this... I have a friend who'd adore the shoes as well. (not to mention, they'd fit either of us so we can share...maybe)