Win $75 for fabgabs on etsy!

Love vintage? Love winning contests? Love free $75 gift certificates? Of course you do - I do too! I entered the Fabgabs blog contest to (hopefully) win $75 so I can buy that amazing cherry dress! Or maybe that gorgeous purple velvet cocktail dress I featured in my "New years Dresses post"
I would take any of her dresses really...they're all stunning quality and perfect vintage classics that you want to wear every day! How about this dress? Here is the link to her store so you can fall in love with every thing there! Here is the link to her blog so you can be amazed by her every day vintage awesomeness, while you're there you should enter for the contest too! Its super easy, just send in some photos of you sporting your vintage style. I sent in a bunch of dumb pics...but because I'm a guilty vintage shopper - I can never seem to keep any really amazing vintage pieces, I feel too guilty knowing someone else in the world would love the dress/sweater/coat/shoes/hat/skirt more than I do... which is why I haven't dropped the money on any high quality vintage for myself, but today is the day I change all that! LOL...well..maybe.
Hope you have a fantastic valentines day <3
xxoo Bettie


Vivian V. Dimples said...

That purple dress is to die for. If you win you should go for that!

Bombshell Bettie said...

right?! That dress was what drew me to her store (the first time) I just about hit the ceiling when I saw it.